The Keenan Law Firm has received over 381 verdicts and settlements in excess of $1,000,000.00. Don Keenan is the immediate Past-President of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an organization of only 100 members – all receiving eight or more million-dollar verdicts. At the age of 32 he was the youngest member inducted and at 44 was its youngest President. He is also the only active Georgia member.

In 1997, Mr. Keenan was proclaimed by the National Law Journal as being one of the three best medical negligence lawyers in the country.

During 1992, Mr. Keenan was President of the American Board of Trial Advocates and recipient of the 1992 Masters in Trial Award. During his tenure Mr. Keenan led a delegation of lawyers to Czechoslovakia and later was invited to Russia to put on the first ever civil jury trials in those two emerging nations.

Who We Are

The office staff is composed of many dedicated persons, most of which have been with the firm for many years.

In the past, our Firm won recognition in Legal Assistant Today magazine (Volume 13, #4) as “Best Firms to Work For Awards”.

The Keenan Law Firm prides itself in state-of-the-art courtroom technology, use of focus groups and mock juries and innovative, demonstrative evidence. The firm is equipped with a state-of -the-art computer system, video production center, and its own full courtroom on the second floor of the Keenan Building.

Who We Are

The Lawyers of Keenan Law Firm

Setting and Holding the Standard For Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

The Keenan Law Firm houses a group of some of the finest personal injury claims lawyers and trial lawyers in Atlanta. With diverse backgrounds in a variety of sensitive litigation areas including personal injury claims, child birth injuries, and wrongful death suits, our group of seasoned attorneys work diligently to provide our clients with expert considered and conscientious legal representation.

Mindy Bish

Mindy Bish is the grandchild of immigrant grandparents who worked in sweatshops and fought for unions and worker’s rights in the 1920’s and 30’s. Inspired by their stories of struggle Mindy, in her 30’s , made the decision to attend law school hoping to work in the public defenders office in Los Angeles.

Allan L. Galbraith

Allan L. Galbraith, a seasoned lawyer with over 20 years experience directs the complex litigation of The Keenan Law Firm. He handles all pleadings, to include lawsuits, motions, and appeals. He recently concluded the first major case against CryoLife…

Gregg Luther

Gregg W. Luther is an accomplished trial lawyer who has practiced for over two decades. Gregg accepts a limited number of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases for prosecution, focusing on safety, individual’s rights, and accountability of those who cause harm or…

David Hoey

David is a trial lawyer recognized across the country for his advocacy on behalf of victims of abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities, David’s career has exceeded his expectations.  He won his argument to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial…

Melinda Young

Melinda Young is a Kansas attorney who currently handles a variety of injury claims, including motor vehicle wrecks, wrongful death, nursing home negligence, product liability, and premises liability. She is a Keenan Law Firm Fellow for 2021-2022.She believes the best-case outcomes not only help her clients…

Previous Fellows:

This does not diminish the importance of the staff, attorneys and other support personnel.







Our History of Excellence in Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts

The Keenan Law Firm opened in 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia. Before taking personal injury settlement claims, the firm served primarily as a criminal defense firm. While Mr. Keenan built a successful criminal defense firm as a trial lawyer in Atlanta, he experienced a moral dilemma representing guilty persons. In early 1980, as Atlanta labored under the crisis of an epidemic of murdered and missing children, Mr. Keenan began a pro bono representation of the mothers of these children. He advised them in civil disobedience activities in order to bring public attention to the crisis and support for their belief that a single predator was responsible for killing all the children.

Mr. Keenan’s prominent role in this crisis led to an invitation to appear on the Phil Donahue Show, during which Mr. Donahue erroneously introduced Mr. Keenan as “one of the country’s leading child advocates.” The title stuck and Mr. Keenan embarked on a 40+ years career representing children in catastrophic personal injury settlements and wrongful death cases. He continues to invest significant time and energy and to donate his expertise as a personal injury claim lawyer in pro bono activities for children.

Many things have changed over the three decade history of The Keenan Law Firm, but one thing has not changed: the commitment to excellence and justice on behalf of its clients. We engage only the top trial lawyers in Atlanta and whether we represent you in a personal injury settlement case or another legal matter, Keenan attorneys will provide you with careful, attentive, and thorough professional service.

Since 1982, the firm has been located in its own building, The Keenan Building, located adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park and across the street from CNN Center on Nassau Street in downtown Atlanta. The Keenan Building has become home to some of the finest trial and personal injury claim lawyers in Georgia.

For over 40+ years the firm has had the opportunity to litigate cases in 47 states and five foreign countries, with the assistance of local counsel in those areas. Our trial lawyers in Atlanta are well able to respond to cases beyond the state borders.