Keenan Law Firm Client Reviews

Keenan Law Firm5 out of 5 based on 17 user reviews

5 Star Review Kevin Brown via Google

A Atlanta Institution, great Law Firm in a great location across from Centennial Park.


5 Star Review John Truskett via Google

Don is an amazing person, and one of the best lawyers on the planet. Highly recommended.


5 Star Review Matthew Powell via Google

Without a doubt Don Keenan is the greatest trial lawyer ever! His service to the community to help keep us all safe. He obtains justice to stop careless corporations and people who take shortcuts and put us all at risk because it is just easier and cheaper for them to violate the rights of the public.


5 Star Review Spencer Galloway via Google

A Atlanta Institution, great Law Firm in a great location across from Centennial Park.


5 Star Review NewGeorgiaPeach 251 via Google

The employees know how to meet the needs of their visitors. They’re conveniently located downtown across from the big ferris wheel.


5 Star Review Mark A. Martin via Google

Awesome group of people. Fantastic location. Im forever grateful for how kind and gracious they have been to me.


5 Star Review hotLanta via Google

I did several focus groups here…friendly and professional people here.


5 Star Review Kennetha King via Google

Love William.


5 Star Review Taunya Harmony via Google

Friendly without being condescending.


5 Star Review Thomas Cain via Google

Friendly and goes the extra mile for it’s client’s.


5 Star Review Catherine Rinaldo via Google

I have known Don Keenan for over 5 years. He is one of the finest attorneys in this country. More importantly he is a giver of the highest calibre. He gives his time, talent and treasure to his clients, to his fellow lawyers and to his community, enriching us all and creating a safer world for us to live in.


5 Star Review Michael Strong via Google

Don is a professional mentor and educator of lawyers. He is also one of the best trial lawyers in the United States. But what really sets him apart is his compassion for his clients, and his dedication to helping injured children in particular. I highly recommend this attorney for any severe injury case.


5 Star Review Attorney Ryan McKeen via Google

Don Keenan is one of the finest trial lawyers in the world.


5 Star Review Scott DeSalvo via Google

The best law firm in GA.


5 Star Review Matthew King via Google


5 Star Review Juston Smith via Google


5 Star Review Michael Lonati Jr via Google