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Will I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. Nearly all cases are settled, sometimes they are settled during trial or often well before the trial begins.

Why does The Keenan Law Firm so frequently win favorable settlements?

Because we always deal from strength, never from weakness. We always fully prepare the case to go to trial, hire the proper experts, do the proper investigation, research every point of the case, take depositions of all persons with information.

The defendant and the defendant’s insurance company know of our years of experience and successful track record and sooner or later understand how well prepared we are.

Of course, there is no guarantee that most well-prepared, solid cases do end in settlement before reaching trial.

Can I afford your services – what are your fees?

If the case is investigated and found to be meritorious, we will inform you what we believe to be a reasonable contingency fee. Again, you at that time would be free to go to any lawyer you so desire if you do not feel like we are reasonable.

Please understand that the applicable bar regulations require the client to pay the expenses of the litigation. We are permitted under the canons of ethics to advance all necessary litigation expenses, but please understand those expenses will be recouped and recovered from your portion of the successful outcome of the case.

Since we handle cases all over the country, please understand that some states have specific rules and regulations regarding contingency fee and we, of course, at all times will conform to all such rules.

If I have been referred to you by another lawyer, does that mean my case is going to cost me more money?

Absolutely not. Many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers and any referral fee to those lawyers will be paid out of the attorney’s fees. You will be required to pay no additional money.

Why don’t my lawyers handle these cases themselves?

In today’s world of specialization, it is difficult, if not impossible, for lawyers to keep up on all areas of the law. Personal injury and wrongful death law is a very specialized practice area within the law. We do this work day-in and day-out and have gained the reputation as being “a lawyer’s lawyer”.

The lawyer who referred your case was still involved. Please look to them for your other legal needs.

How long will this process take?

There is no clear answer. Unfortunately, many defendants and insurance companies drag their feet and delay the conclusion of the case. Please understand that with the contingency fee, the Keenan Law Firm does not get paid until you do. Thus, there is clear incentive on behalf of our law firm to push your case for an early conclusion.

Unfortunately, there is a backlog in the courts, often expert witnesses have conflicting schedules, various aspects of the law may change, and there could be many developments which will delay or speed up the conclusion of the case.

That we only accept a limited amount of cases so that we can push those that we do accept.Who will work on my case?

Who will work on my case?

The Keenan Law Firm accepts only a small number of cases. Therefore, virtually everyone in the office works on some aspect of each case. We have developed a “trial team” approach and meet often as a team to plan strategy and cross-network information. Your case would be worked on by the trial lawyer, an associate, a paralegal, and technical specialists within the firm. They will work closely together and you would benefit from this process. We call it team work.

Will you take my case?

We can only accept meritorious cases. Sometimes the meritorious case can be answered almost immediately. In other instances, the law firm needs additional time, effort, and investigation to establish a meritorious case. If you have been seriously injured, we will use all of our resources to help you. If your case is found to be non-meritorious, we will notify you immediately. Because of the small number of cases we accept, we develop strong personal relationships with our clients.