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INNOVATIONS – Video Settlement Brochures

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In 1997, the Keenan Law Firm successfully completed its 50th video settlement brochure. The video is a commercially produced high quality videotape much in the format of a “60 Minutes” program, which tells the story of our client’s tragedy.

Videographer tapes ‘a day
in the life’ video to show
quality of life of a client
after injury

The settlement video may include interviews of the family, interviews with the expert witnesses, an accident reconstructionist, testimony by an economist as to damages, and day in the life of our client.

These settlement videos, while time-consuming to produce, are powerful tools in resolving cases prior to trial. In all but two
of the video settlement brochures our firm has produced, the cases have concluded prior to trial.

To learn more about the settlement video, review Mr. Keenan’s article written several years ago for lawyers.

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