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Setting and Holding the Standard For Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

The Keenan Law Firm houses a group of some of the finest personal injury claims lawyers and trial lawyers in Atlanta. With diverse backgrounds in a variety of sensitive litigation areas including personal injury claims, child birth injuries, and wrongful death suits, our group of seasoned attorneys work diligently to provide our clients with expert considered and conscientious legal representation.


Don C. Keenan



Acceptance Speech For Tradition Of Excellence Award

Allan L. Galbraith

Allan L. Galbraith, a seasoned lawyer with over 20 years experience directs the complex litigation of The Keenan Law Firm. He handles all pleadings, to include lawsuits, motions, and appeals. He recently concluded the first major case against CryoLife, Inc. Allan Galbraith also speaks to trial lawyers groups around the country.


Andrew Gould

A Georgia native, Andrew attended college in Tennessee where he was a football place kicker. Joined KLF in 2012 and has participated in several trials and taken many depositions since coming aboard. Andrew has already been a speaker on topics such as depositions, rules, demonstrative evidence and focus groups throughout the US.



Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson is the Listserv Manager for the Keenan Law Firm. Since joining the firm Michael has provided valuable guidance and insight through the list serves, assisting hundreds of attorneys across the country. During law school he served on the National Negotiation Team, co-founded the Constitutional Law Society, and received his certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution. In his free time, Michael serves his community by participating in various outreach projects through Victory World Church. In addition, as an alumnus, Michael continues to assist with his law school’s National Negotiation Team and Constitutional Law Society.


Mindy Bish


Mindy Bish is the grandchild of immigrant grandparents who worked in sweatshops and fought for unions and worker’s rights in the 1920’s and 30’s. Inspired by their stories of struggle Mindy, in her 30’s , made the decision to attend law school hoping to work in the public defenders office in Los Angeles. When a budget crisis eliminated her position, Mindy, turned to personal injury. Working for a short time on the defense side, Mindy has fought for the injured since 1995.

In 2012, after yet another devastating loss, Mindy contemplated whether she had the right stuff to be a trial lawyer. Prior to giving up Mindy attended a Trial College regional and then four Reptile seminars. Mindy has not looked back since. In her most recent trial Mindy was able to obtain a verdict of 1.978 million on behalf of a seriously injured client using the Reptile. Mindy is the co-moderator of the Southern California Reptile List Serve.



Adam Anderson


Adam was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the oldest of three boys. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and went to law school in San Diego, California. Licensed in Florida and Nevada, Adam devotes his practice to being a voice for all injured individuals, with the goal of preventing wrongdoers (and their insurance companies) from taking advantage of the vulnerabilities commonly experienced by people after they are injured by someone else’s hand. Adam strives to provide a service to his clients deeply rooted in honesty and integrity. Adam will do what it takes to make sure wrongdoers are held accountable for their actions to create and maintain a safe and honest community for us all.


This does not diminish the importance of the staff, attorneys and other support personnel.





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