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CHILD CASES: Automobile

Child Injury Cases: You Can Trust Keenan’s Experienced Car Accident Attorneys with Your Automobile Case

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Unfortunately, tractor/trailer, truck, and automobile injuries and deaths occur all too frequently. Often these sad occurrences could have been prevented and involved some kind of negligence or wrongful death. Over the years, the Keenan Law Firm car accident attorneys have helped individuals successfully pursue compensation on hundreds of tractor/trailer, truck, and automobile negligence cases.

An auto or tractor/trailer case will generally require that the car accident attorney show a computer-generated animation of the accident and impact to prove the negligence of the defendant. Our car accident attorneys have prepared video reenactments of an actual crash to visually illustrate the allegations of negligence.

While the auto or tractor-trailer collision might appear simple, often to prosecute an automobile accident case requires hiring accident reconstructionists, human factor experts, and crash impact specialists. When drugs or alcohol are involved in an automobile accident case, a toxicologist is retained. Experienced car accident attorneys know which experts will be required beforehand. The Keenan Law Firm has worked with respected professionals in virtually every field that might be called on for your accident case.

Often an automobile accident case requires graphic demonstrative evidence in order to explain exactly how the injury occurred, together with precise medical illustrations of the client’s injuries. Often, our car accident attorneys also find it necessary to prepare detailed medical illustrations of our clients’ injuries.

Mr. Keenan’s expertise in trailer-tractor truck and automobile accidents causing child deaths and injuries has taken him out of state to speak to trial lawyers organizations on how to better represent children.

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