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ADULT CASES: Products Liability Lawyers

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Accidents involving the use of a product which result in injury or death are included in an area of law called “products liability.” People are hurt every day at home, outside the home, and at work while using everything from common household items to highly complicated industrial machinery and chemicals.

The Keenan Law Firm has extensive experience in products liability lawsuits. Our products liability lawyers have pioneered legal arguments in the area of air bag injuries. Other products liability case experience includes but is not limited to accidents involving: forklifts, garbage trucks, lighters, stairways, ramps, pesticides, toxic substances, deer hunting stands, household appliances, lawn mowers, weed cutters, beverage bottles, electrical connections, and space heaters.

The Keenan Firm’s products liability lawyers are experienced and innovative. Most products liability lawsuits require the use of highly credentialed experts. The Keenan Law Firm maintains relationships with many types of experts, and has retained such diverse experts as former NASA space engineers, the developer of the lap safety belt, the owner of the lunar moon buggy patent, hot air balloon designers, and former officials of government safety departments. The firm goes to great lengths to retain the very best and most suited experts for each individual products liability case.

Please see CryoLifeLitigation for more information.

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