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ADULT CASES: Mobile Home Lawsuits

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Both fact and public perception indicate the first structures to be blown off their foundations during a tornado are mobile homes. The United States Congress, in recognition of these severe mobile home problems mandates that the mobile home manufacturing industry effectively “tie down” all mobile homes to withstand wind speeds of up to 110mph.

pic1 pic2
Proper tie-down techniques

The vast majority of tornadoes clock wind speeds under 110mph. Thus, if the mobile home industry met federal standards, there would be fewer mobile home problems due to tornadoes. However, this industry has chosen to recklessly disregard the requirements set by federal law

pic3 pic4
Improperly tied-down mobile home

Many mobile home dwellers who suffer serious injuries or wrongful death are unaware of the potential claims against the mobile home manufacturing industry based on its conscious disregard for their safety. The Keenan Law Firm pioneered mobile home lawsuits in response and several staff attorneys have given lectures and published articles on mobile home lawsuits, mobile home problems, and recourses available.

Click here to view the mobile homes and tornadoes article by Charles H. Allen, Senior Trial Attorney for The Keenan Law Firm.

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