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ADULT CASES: HMO Medical Negligence Lawyer

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HMO insurance coverage has increased tenfold in the last decade and today managed care is the primary type of medical coverage in America. These large companies aim to cut costs and increase efficiency, and all too often patients are injured or die as a result of managed health care cost-cutting maneuvers.

Attorney Charles Allen demonstrates damages

The hidden corporations that comprise HMOs along with their reluctance to divulge policy and procedure complicate a medical negligence or medical malpractice case when an HMO network is introduced as part of a healthcare negligence lawsuit. This also compounds the cost of a suit, as it really becomes two separate cases for the medical negligence lawyer to consider:

the standard of care in the medical negligence case and the case against the HMO.

The Keenan Law Firm is dedicated to fighting the outrage of HMO malpractice and has a decade of experience in the area. The Keenan Law firm will provide you with an astute and committed healthcare negligence lawyer and will work hard with you to address all aspects of medical negligence that has occurred.

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