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INNOVATIONS – Focus Groups/Mock Trials

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A focus group or mock jury is simply a pre-test or rehearsal for the actual trial. Private jurors are selected and the jury views arguments of lawyers, testimony of witnesses and whatever issue we decide is important for consideration. While the focus group outcome does not guarantee the actual result, it lends valuable information to strategy and issue formulation.

Keenan Law Firm Mock Trial

The Keenan Law Firm was the first law firm in Georgia to use focus groups and mock juries. In 1981, Mr. Keenan was featured on the NBC Nightly News and later that year in a 15 minute segment on an NBC magazine show. The network filmed an actual mock jury and followed the case through to conclusion. Eight years ago, because of the frequency of focus groups, our firm built its own courtroom complete with jury box, witness and judge structures.

Keenan Law Firm Mock Trial

Our firm has done literally hundreds of focus groups and mock juries,
not only in our Atlanta office courtroom, but throughout the country where our cases are based.

If you are interested in participating in a mock trial click here.

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